Summing up the results of November

It is less than a month before Christmas and we are pleased to share the platform's news for November.


  • Loans worth 17 million euro were financed in November - a new record for
  • the total number of investors has grown by 796, totalling to 21,110 investors on the platform.
  • the amount earned by investors in a single month has reached 336,408 euro!


What happened in November?

New features

  • From November 25, we have new rates for loans up to 30 days of 10% per annum. You can still get 11% profit with our loyalty program. The current breakdown by terms and rates is presented on our website.
  • now has no limit to minimum deposit. You can deposit even 1 euro if it's necessary. However, please mind that the minimum amount for investment remains 10 euro.



  • We’ve updated you on the performance of our loan originators in Q3. You can go over their key results in more detail in our report.
  • In case you want to diversify your portfolio with commercial loans, but you still have questions, we have prepared a new article where we tell you how investing in RC Riga works.
  • We ended the video series “Robocash P2P Lifestyle” by Lars Wrobbel with a tour of the Moscow office, and a long-awaited meeting with Robocash Group CEO Sergey Sedov. Why did Sergey decide to build his own investment platform? What was his vision for the Group? You will find answers to these and other questions in the interview on our blog.
  • We've compiled our Q3 milestones in another webcast. In case you missed the meeting or want to review anything, check out the full video on our YouTube channel

We would also appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to fill out our annual investor survey, if you haven’t done so yet. 



And one more thing! 

Our Christmas promotion is in full swing. Invite your friends to join the community and both get increased bonuses. 


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