40% of investors allocate over €20,000 on P2P platforms

A recent survey conducted by the European P2P platform Robo.cash reveals that 2 out of 5 investors hold €20,000 or more on P2P lending platforms, showing confidence in the segment despite the crisis. The tendency is confirmed by 79% of the surveyed describing their experience in the pandemic as positive or neutral.

The study shows that, despite the Covid-19 pandemic shaking the market and the world economy in 2020, P2P investors do not fear its second wave. 7% of respondents claim to have over 100,000 euros invested in the segment, and another 12% have put in €50,000 to €100,000. 21% of respondents have between €20,000 and €50,000 on P2P lending platforms. Meanwhile, 41% have from €5,000 to €20,000 invested in the segment. 

Investors themselves confirm such optimistic tendencies too, as the majority of the surveyed - 79% - estimate their experience of investing in P2P during the crisis as positive or neutral. Respondents explain that they might have suffered losses but at the same time, managed to take advantage of the situation. Every 10th investor claims they managed to earn more than expected, and one fifth of the surveyed say they took valuable lessons. 

Analysts of the platform comment on the survey results: “The crisis this year has pushed P2P investors to become more careful and picky when it comes to choosing a platform. As a result, now they feel safer investing bigger amounts on the platforms that meet their criteria of reliability and stability. For instance, in our survey in May, 43% of investors said that they preferred platforms with their own or fellow loan originators over those working with third-party companies, which confirms the tendency to look for reliability and stability in P2P lending.”

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