Analyzing September: promising plans and rate cuts

According to statistics, P2P investor activity is slowing down in September. As for Robocash, it was quite an eventful month. Let's sum up the results.

Changes in interest rates

As of September 18, new rates went into effect on the platform. You can find an updated breakdown by loan maturities here.

Group Rebranding 

On September 7, we announced the rebranding of Robocash Group to UnaFinancial. Rebranding marks the business shift from alternative lending to building the financial ecosystem. In the last post, we covered your main questions on the topic.

Q&A session with the CEO UnaFinancial

On September 5, we held an online broadcast with Natalia Ishchenko, now CEO of UnaFinancial. Much of the meeting was devoted to your questions about the platform plans. Natalia also highlighted upcoming focuses of the holding. We’ve collected the key points of the meeting at the link. A recording of the webcast is available on our YouTube channel.

P2P Market overview

Does the market expect a new wave of growth and if so, where is the most favorable environment for this? We’ve tried to answer these and other questions in our new studies, which you can find on our blog

Some tips to protect your account 

We've prepared a small video guide to help you beef up your account security. Take a few minutes to take a look at it. 

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