updates the interest rates

Since September 1, 2020 all loans on will be available at 12%. Please, remember to update your settings so your money keeps being reinvested. You can still receive a profit of 14% in the future by investing in long-term loans from Singapore now. 

The first months of 2020 were challenging for all industries, and P2P lending was not left untouched. Yet, apart from the difficulties, the Corona crisis has also given an opportunity for P2P platforms to prove their reliability. 

During this time, we have been providing our investors with regular updates on the financial position of Robocash Group, to which platform is a subsidiary. They confirmed that the holding was overcoming the crisis efficiently. Recently, Robocash Group has also published the combined financial statements, which demonstrate its solid background and significant growth in the past three years. Thus, the total comprehensive income has been increasing year to year, from 6.1 mln USD in 2017 through 8.9 mln in 2018 to reach 18.8 mln USD in 2019. Operation within the financially strong group of companies has enabled the P2P platform to work steadily and fulfill all obligations to investors to the full extent.

Besides, since May, we have been observing the increasing demand of users on our platform. The number of new investors and volumes of funding are returning to the pre-crisis levels. In August, the average first deposit reached €1,167, outgrowing even the pre-crisis figure in February, when it amounted to €714.

Considering the growing demand as well as the stable position of the platform and the group it operates within, we have decided to change the interest rate. Since September 1, 2020 all loans on will be available at 12%.

Meanwhile, we remind you of the opportunity to purchase long-term loans from Singapore until this date and still gain 14% profit when they are due.

Please, make sure to update your settings on the Invest page in your account to keep your funds reinvested properly and continue getting profit.

Also, we would like to use the opportunity to remind you of the live webcast with CEO and Founder of Robocash Group Sergey Sedov, which is going to take place on September 3, 2020 at 13:00 CET. Learn more about the webinar and submit your question for Sergey Sedov here. 

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