Updates on the situation and activities of Robo.cash

Some time has passed since we last published the information on the work of Robo.cash and its loan originators. We would like to share with you another update about the situation on our platform and its activities. 

First, we are glad to inform you that we have started observing the positive tendency in the P2P market. This is confirmed by our statistics: the number of new registrations on Robo.cash in May has increased 1.7 times compared to the same period in April. At the same time, the funding volumes on our platform have grown 1.6 times respectively. As we can see, the situation is gradually improving, and we expect this trend to continue further.

There is also optimistic news concerning the countries where our loan originators are based.

  • For example, Spain has already started easing its restrictions on the lockdown in some regions. Meanwhile, we keep issuing loans in this country with the tightened scoring procedures. 
  • In Kazakhstan, the situation seems to be stabilizing as well. The emergency state in the country was cancelled on May 11, but the quarantine measures are still in place in most regions. So, we continue issuing there a limited number of loans to the most reliable regular clients, and place a small volume of loans from LLP MFI TezFinance on the platform. 
  • In Vietnam and Singapore, our activities have not been significantly affected, and we continue adding loans from these loan originators to the platform on a daily basis. 

We also remind you that all loans on Robo.cash are still secured with a 100% buyback guarantee and a group guarantee.

As we have temporarily reduced the volume of issued loans in Kazakhstan to ensure the stability of our company, we have decided to compensate this amount and launched 30-day long commercial loans from Singapore in addition to the existing products. To invest in these loans, we kindly recommend you to update your portfolio settings by adding the Singaporean loan originator to your portfolio. 

Also, we remind you about the opportunity to earn a 1% cashback making deposits and investing them on Robo.cash till the end of May. Hurry up to take the opportunity to increase your income! Please find more details of the campaign here.

Feel free to contact us in case of any questions: support@robo.cash


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