Demand for P2P investment outpacing market recovery

Europeans are becoming more interested in P2P investment, analysts at conclude after analysing the volumes of search requests on the topic over the year. The growing popularity appears to exceed the rate of industry recovery, which may result in great market acceleration.

Analysts at have considered search queries in 10 European countries. According to the findings, the popularity of P2P investment began to rise rapidly in the second half of last year. Compared to August 2020, the amount of search requests in March 2021 increased by 83%, reaching 88 thousand. There was also a peak in January this year, when the search queries nearly reached 99 thousand (an increase by 106% compared to August 2020).

In addition to search requests, analysts at have considered changes in monthly funding volumes of 31 European P2P platforms over the same period (based on data by Interestingly, the volumes in March 2021 exceeded the August 2020 results by 63%. It demonstrates that the demand for P2P investment began to exceed the pace of market recovery in the second half of 2020 and further into 2021. This may signify the beginning of a strong market acceleration, setting the pace for the rest of the year.

Sergey Sedov, Founder and CEO of Robocash Group, has commented on the findings: “We observed a growing trend in investor activity on our platform beginning H2 2020 and continuing this year. In Q1 2021, the net deposits on grew by 46% compared to the previous quarter, while the number of new investors went up incredibly by 139%. This is likely the result of the continuous rise in popularity of the market in general, and is also indicative of the growing trust between the investors and P2P platforms.” 

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