October with Robo.cash - definitely a treat!

We are entering the last quarter of this year with great results and news. Let's see what we got in October.


  • In October, our investors funded a record amount of loans worth 15 M euro.
  • 956 investors started their journey with Robo.cash and now there are more than 20,000 of us!
  • The amount earned by investors grew by 13% and totalled to 305 thousand euro.


  • Robo.cash has shown 11x annual growth in the secondary market transactions. Read more about the market overview in our latest analytical article.
  • Investors continue to actively expand their portfolios taking advantage of our loyalty program. Thus, the Diamond group became the leader by total balance. We are glad that you increasingly trust us with your funds, and we, in turn, will strive to ensure their safety and profitability.
  • Speaking of safety, we have released a new video for beginners on the topic of investment risks. Learn more about how to overcome the pitfalls of various assets before adding them to your portfolio.
  • We revealed the details of Lars Wrobbel's visit to Russia in the video series called “Robocash P2P Lifestyle”. Take some time to walk through the offices in Kemerovo and Novosibirsk and see how the platform and The Group team works.
  • And last but not the least. We reached a record amount on net-deposits of 3.1 M euros. Let’s keep it up!

A lot of interesting things await us together, as we are already actively preparing for the Christmas holidays and planning something for you. Follow our news on social media and on the website to stay tuned.


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